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Poster: LAJ Date: Feb 12, 2005 8:11am
Forum: netlabels Subject: ROMANTIC MUSIC AT THE ARCHIVE [M3U stream]

Romantic as used here is NOT is not the passionate love between a man and a woman. Here romantic refers to electronic music that is appealing because of its imaginative and emotional qualities. It is music that is more akin to poetry than to novels. Modern electronic music is a vehicle for a new incarnation (in spirit, not content) of the romantic music that was composed during the early 19th century into the first decade of 20th century. It has several similarities with the kind of romantic music that was composed during this time. Not unlike modern electronic music, romantic music of this period drew its inspiration from the popular music (classical) of the era but, at the same time, extended this music by experimenting with new structures, new techniques, and new instruments.. The use of dissonance, nonharmonic tones, and cyclic forms (loops) became popular. All of these techniques were aimed at allowing emotion, feeling, intuition, and individual creativity to assume a larger rule in the making of music. Another characteristic of romantic music during this period was allowing external text (e.g. a poem) to be a primary source of inspiration. The Sine Fiction releases which were composed to serve as soundtracks to science fiction novels and Deluge’s Departure of Affection and New Noise whose tracks were inspired by the poetic works of Jean Arthur Rimbaud are two examples of this at the archive that come to mind.

If there’s an absolute definition of what constitutes a romantic composition, I don’t know what it is.. I’m guessing that it’s highly personal and emotive. I spent several hours searching for and listening to dozens of mp3s housed at the archive, and the tracks that I’ve included are just a sampling of the many that have a romantic appeal to me. Most of these are of the ambient genre with a cinematic quality. A few have a ‘space-like’ feel and there are even a couple with IDM-ish flavor. Even though you might disagree with some of my selections, please enjoy the sounds.

Benfay - Albedo Feature [raam007]

Makunouchi Bento - Bouche Du Metro EP [mia042]

Marsen Jules - Yara [APL023]

midori hirano - poet at the piano (sfn022)

aNACRUSa_El borde del silencio

Anaesthesia - Anaesthesia [nt6004]

Jos Smolders - Sine Fiction vol. XIV) Roadside Picnic [sine014]

[dlnet025] - Heath Yonaites - Half To Forget Half To Remember

Atomtrakt - Verwüstung [mir006]

Blisaed - I Wanna Be Your Fantasy [RC003]

APL028] Lomov - Holzwege

fp - Fiuk & Csajok [NTT022]

Moonsanto - Dogme EP [HSH06]

Plumb & Plumber-Come early go late E.P.

The Dead Hours - Psilocybe Perception [kau000a]

K.M. Krebs - Oneiromancy [wh046]

Tlon - Acoustic Lazy Dolls [apl018]

The Dead Hours - What's Next? [kau000]

Hinterlandt - The Office Week [lm07]

VA - Many Things Worth Living For [APL020]

[dlnet009] - Mystified - Transient

Xerxes - Footsteps EP [Cam#053]

dlnet010] - Henry Flower - Non Resurgam

[dlnet014] - mitre - Wallpaper

Danny Kreutzfeldt - Furtherspace EP [apl003]

[dlnet018] - Cam Butler - Self Titled

Balún - While Sleeping [os040]

Peter F. Spiess - Rheinpark Liebe EP [txtn006]

-1348- & John Hudak - Tacitus Journey [zero144a]

Deluge - Departure In Affection and New Noise [THN051]

[APL024] Konrad Bayer - Songs For Sunhi (Summerrain)

Benfay - Albedo Feature [raam007]

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Poster: mystified Date: Feb 12, 2005 8:39am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: ROMANTIC MUSIC AT THE ARCHIVE [M3U stream]

Wow! This is really epic! Thanks for a cool post.